Saturday Fashion Fix …. A Little Treat

Fit Foot has been traumatised of late. There’s only so much breaking, battering and bruising my little size 4 can endure so I felt it was only right to give it a treat, I’m all heart me!

Oh yes, this is where The Sophie Wedge from Sam Edelman comes to the rescue.

Sam Edelman

In my twisted logic I feel the Surgeon would wholly support this purchase as with a 2.5 inch wedge heel they are at the sensible end of heels. I dream of skyscraper stilettos but if I’m honest even under normal circumstances I wouldn’t be able to walk in them.

I could only find The Sophie Wedge at Matches Fashion in the UK but at an eye watering £145 they were a step too far. Luckily for me I have a friend in Brooklyn NY who turned detective when I mentioned I liked loved them. After a bit of effort low and behold she found them on Piperlime for £87 including tax and will be sending them home with her Mum at the end of March, hooray. This will give me another few weeks for the swelling to subside.

I’m still trying to work out what justifys a UK markup of £58 … maybe each pair are given their own Business Class seat for the flight over?

Sam Edelman

Anyway, I plan to wear these beauties with sports lux trousers, a pedicure & a spring in my step!

It’s worth mentioning I first spotted the sandals on Pinterest. If you’ve read Fit Foot before you know this is something of an obsession of mine, currently my pins are numbering around the 2,400 mark. If you like fashion, art, crochet, juicing and especially jewellery I’m worth a follow!

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