Saturday Fashion Fiesta – Working Wardrobe ….

It’s looking fairly likely that in the next few weeks I’ll once again be working for a living … groan! So I thought a little look at the working wardrobe might be a good idea for todays ‘fashion fiesta’.

I have a few favourite stores for my working wardrobe staples; Cos, Whistles, Topshop and increasingly the online store Asos.

This look from Whistles pretty much sums up my work uniform, it’s normally a pair of peg trousers, a top, a jacket or blazer. I don’t do ‘matchy matchy’ suits and tend to top each look off with a large statement necklace and a pair of brogues (oxfords).


Here are a few working wardrobe items that I’m loving at the moment ….

This Paisley Print Blouse from Mango has a great splash of neon and would bring a plain black outfit alive.


I love the tough toe caps on these Brogues from Cos ….


There are still a lot of school satchel style bags in the shops. These two from Asos and Warehouse respectively are fun ….



Back to Whistles again. They have released a jumper, shirt, shift dress, trousers and top all in a Woodgrain print. I want everything but have limited myself to the silk top.


Finally, how about this shirt from Asos for a splash of emerald green ….


I do believe that what you wear can affect how you carry yourself and in my work as a freelance consultant it’s important that I both look the part and feel confident.

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Fashion Fiesta – Working Wardrobe ….

  1. Your working wardrobe is much more fashion forward than mine! I think you’re right about how you dress effecting how you feel about work, I’m a big fan of dresses, because they’re so easy especially in summer. I’m one of those women who wear trainers into work and change shoes in the office, I swore that I would do that but ultimately my feet would not take a my standing for an hour on the train in heels!
    Where are you going to be working and what do you consult on? (Sorry I’m being very nosy!)

  2. I’m in love with the shoes, bag and the tops! I agree, the clothes you wear reflect who you are, and I know when I feel good in the clothes I’m wearing, look out! Looks like you’re getting ready to show the world your swagger!

  3. Hahaha, I’m with you on the commute in trainers … especially in London.

    I’m a bit of hybrid business consultant! Background is Learning & Development but increasingly dipping my toe into Change Management and some analysis work.

    In terms of where I’m going to be working, the term ‘chickens & hatched’ comes to mind so watch this space!

    How about you, what keeps the wolf from the door?!

    • I work for Elexon (you probably have never heard of it, but basically it makes sure that electricity is bought and paid for by suppliers!). My actual role is organising committees and workgroups and anything else that comes up around that. Prior to that I was an office manager and PA in Childrens Social Services and Housing. So basically I like organising things! Hope the new thing comes off and you’re not too wobbly on those heels..

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