Dark Chocolate is ….

…. my saving grace.

This is the pleasure I save for the evenings along with my long anticipated cup of coffee (hold the sugar & add a dash of skimmed milk, thanks).

Lindt are a Swiss company who make dark chocolate of excellent quality. A selection of my favourites are below….


Because the chocolate has such a high cocoa content it’s an acquired taste and should be savoured. I choose having dark chocolate as my treat food for this very reason.

It’s too rich to have more than a couple of squares which is why when I return from buying some I immediately section the bars into 2 piece servings, wrap them in foil and place them in the fridge. Two pieces are approximately 100 calories.

It’s particularly necessary now that Lindt have 2 new bars on the market, the Strawberry Intense and the Blueberry Intense.


I’ve tried the former and it’s delicious. I’m praying someone from Lindt stumbles across this post and sends me a consignment 🙂

What do you do to keep your sweet or savoury cravings at bay?

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