Жолыңыз болсын! Or as us Europeans say ….

…. “Bon voyage fit foot”

Today the Republic of Kazakhstan were kind enough to send me a Letter of Invitation, so on the 11th March I’m getting on one of these ….


To fly here ….


To work in Atyrau on my new contract (see if you can spot it on the map!)


All being well this is a journey I’ll be repeating multiple times for the next year.

Get ready for this blog to take a strange change of direction with tales of working in this fascinating part of the world. If it’s anything like last time I will have plenty of adventures to regale you with.

So, stow your tray table, ensure you seatbelt is fastened and your seat is in the upright position … you are all invited along for the ride 🙂

4 thoughts on “Жолыңыз болсын! Or as us Europeans say ….

  1. I am personally replacing the ‘wow’ with a high pitched ‘eek’ at present!
    The contract is to do a rolling 3 weeks in KZ, 3 weeks in London for a year.

    Best I work on wearing normal shoes and reducing the pronounced limp I’m currently sporting … 2 weeks and counting!

    Eek (again!)

    • Thanks Sharon .. I’m excited to see what’s changed in the 5 years since I left Kazakhstan. Full of trepidation as well.

      Adventures keep me on my toes so let’s see what unfolds!

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