Onwards & Upwards #3 ….

Hello March!

Yes, it’s already time again for a little look over my shoulder before stepping into this months goals.

In summary, February was an odd month for me. Having had a chance conversation late in January about a work opportunity, events moved at a 100 miles an hour during February and ended with a contract in Kazakhstan, a visa, the first trip agreed and confirmed flight and hotel bookings. My time has been hijacked by the need to get organised for what will be my most challenging role yet.


Anyway, here’s how I got on with my February goals :-

Visit the Dentist – Done! 25/2/13. I also saw the Hygienist and was given a clean bill of dental health.

Refrain from biting my nails for the whole month then have a Bio Gel manicure – Done! This was no mean feat considering how stressed I’ve been in February. The first thing to suffer is normally my nails. I’ll get the gels done next week so my nails still look good when I go back to work.

Cook 4 new recipes – Done! Lentil Dhal (1/2/13) / Curried Potato Pasties (10/2/13) / Curried Quinoa Salad (26/2/13) I also made a Lamb Rogan Josh & some Spinach bites. The former was a cheats version when I realised I didn’t have all the spices so used a curry paste and latter were not one of my better recipe choices .. they took ages to make and were bland at best.

Make 4 new juice recipes – I managed 5 new juices as well as having repeat favourites. Green Power Juice (3/2/13)/ Mineral Magic (6/2/13) / Pineapple, Mint & Cucumber Cooler (13/2/13) / Carrot & Ginger Juice (17/2/13) / The Sunny Day Cooler (24/2/13)

Go to my London Hairdressers for the first time in 3 months to have my colour, foils and a damn good haircut! – Done, (8/2/13)

Complete 4 x non weight bearing exercise sessions. To include half planks (knees not toes), side planks (knees not toes), half press ups, cobras, dead bugs and crunches – Fail, I managed a dismal one workout (5/2/13). This is due to a combination of my new work contract taking over my life and the fact that I just didn’t feel ready. I’m limping when I walk due to the continued swelling under my foot and feel it just needs a little more time.

Write a long outstanding LinkedIn recommendation for an old colleague – Fail, I will get round to this eventually.

Switch my iPAD off at 9.30pm EVERY night – Mmmm, I did wonderfully at the beginning of the month and when Michael was staying. Other than that my usage crept back up to normal levels.

I will be in Kazakhstan for the majority of March so no new recipe or juice aspirations this month! Here are my March goals ….


Plan what I will achieve in the first 90 minutes, 90 hours and 90 days of my new project.

Complete at least an hour of crotcheting my blanket project each week.

Workout in the hotel gym each Saturday and Sunday while I’m away.

Despite being away from friends & family plan to do something fun / new / different on my birthday while in Kazakhstan.

Try and Blog a minimum of twice a week while I’m away.

Ensure that I confidently inform new contacts of my hearing loss and let them know what I need from them. (Something I’ve struggled to do in the past).

Concentrate on good dental hygiene every night, by establishing a flossing routine and sticking with it.

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