Anyone Fancy a Brew?

…. a cuppa, a cup of cha or as Cockney Rhyming Slang puts it, Rosie Lee?

The stereotype is true, us Brits love our tea.

In fact if you watch any British film (especially World War 2) it’s fair to say that at some point everything will be made all right by having a cuppa … “Doodlebug demolished your house dear? Oh never mind I’ll just pop the kettle on for a brew!”

A Cup of Tea

I got to thinking about tea last night when I was having trouble sleeping and reached for my trusty Valerian Plus tea. This stuff can be found in health food shops, I call it ‘sleepy tea’ as Valerian is a well known natural sedative. It normally makes me just drowsy enough for my over active chatty brain to chill out.


I then realised my cupboard was full of different blends of tea. I started drinking the Green Mint Tea after a holiday in Morocco where every meal was accompanied with sweet mint tea poured at height from beautiful silver teapots. It’s very refreshing and is served without milk. The fruit infusions belong to Michael. When we first met he would add several spoonfuls of sugar but I’ve managed to wean him onto sweetener … it’s a start!


The next tea I found in London’s foodie paradise, Borough Market. Chai tea is normally served as a milky sweet tea. I don’t take milk or sugar in any tea and this is still a lovely spicy drink when served ‘black’.


The English Breakfast Tea is normally drunk by visitors to my house and is served with milk. It’s the most traditional tea in my cupboard. My everyday tea is the Jasmine Green Tea which I drink by the bucket load. I’ve already packed supplies for my trip overseas next week!


So there we have it, a quick tour of my tea habits!

If your are interested about the history of tea drinking or how to make ‘the perfect cuppa’ check out the UK Tea Council’s website … yes, we have a Tea Council!

7 thoughts on “Anyone Fancy a Brew?

  1. Another fan of tea with no milk or sugar! It took me ages to work out that what I objected to in tea and coffee was the milk. I’ve never tried the valerian but I love Clipper’s Night time tea and it helps to switch my brain off so I can sleep. I don’t often drink normal tea, but when I do it’s darjeeling made in a pot (because I’m just English enough to think that’s important!) My usual teas are redbush, peppermint and lemon and ginger.

  2. I am a tea addict too!! I currently have 8 different types of tea in my cupboards. I love green tea with lemon, peach oolong tea, and a jasmine tea from Teavana that is to die for!!

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