Thump ….

…. thats the sound of me falling off the wagon a few weeks ago.

I can’t tell you how good it is to get back into a routine with my eating habits and to get some fresh juices down my neck! I definitely feel that I’ve gained several lbs in weight in the weeks I’ve been away and have been lacking in the vitamins and minerals that normally give me a little spring in my step.

The food in Kazakstan isn’t great especially when you have no kitchen facilities to have some control over your choices and portion sizes. In addition fruit and vegetables are of poor quality and are normally imported from countries such as Turkey. By the time they reach the supermarket shelves they generally look a bit sorry for themselves.

The Renaissance_Atyrau

I have been staying in a high standard hotel, the Renaissance Atyrau. However if the truth be known the place is really geared up for big burly oil men so even what on paper looks like a good menu decision invariably comes with fries on the side, lashings of mayo, buttery sauces and huge portions.

Anyway for three weeks I’ve been stuck in a cycle of eating lots of carbohydrates, little fruit and vegetables, a few pints of beer too many and the occasional (very delicious) cheesecake from the pastry shop. Oh and did I mention the Pringles consumed through boredom? Add to this the mentality of being on expenses and someone else footing the bill it’s got weight gain written all over it.

Well ... the canteen was shut, what's a girl to do?!

Well … the canteen was shut, what’s a girl to do?!

This all adds up to a recipe for disaster, especially as I’m going on a beach holiday in 6 weeks so the plan for the return trip includes:-

Take a fruit knife so I can snack on decent apples / pears / kiwi fruit ‘obtained’ from the breakfast buffet.
Buy Tupperware in the supermarket and have half portions, keep the rest for the next days lunch or dinner.
Take Oatcakes and have with hummus or light cream cheese for lunch.
Drink more water.
Only drink beer once at the weekends and not on ‘school nights’.
Take lots of portioned almonds / dried fruit (this worked well).

In addition the foot was swelling quite badly (with a fetching pronounced limp) for the first two weeks of my visit. This meant the gym was out of the question but the good news is I now feel ready to get back and aim to get in there by the end of this week. The gym at the Renaissance is very good and I WILL make full use of it on my return!

Onwards and upwards ….

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