Same but Different ….

One of the things I like to do when I visit a new place is to take a walk around a local supermarket. Over the years I’ve found some gems like the rolls of Hello Kitty Christmas wrapping paper I brought in a back street in Tijuana!

I enjoy seeing what the locals eat, the unusual flavours of familiar items and the out and out strange. So, I thought I’d share a couple of finds from the Kazakh supermarkets.

Firstly I did a double take when I walked by this display. After all the recent fuss in the UK about horsemeat in the food chain I just had to get a picture.

Tinned Horsemeat

Horsemeat is a daily staple in the Kazakh diet and is often featured in dishes in the canteen. I have tried it before and I’m not keen mainly due to its strong taste rather than being English and squeamish about it.

Next up are the crisp (chip) flavours I came across several flavours that were new to me including Shashlik flavour (kebab) and these Crab ones ….

Crab Crisps

I didn’t try either flavour as I was consuming vast quantities of spicy Pringles instead (see yesterday’s post!)

Finally here’s something I’ve never seen in the UK before, Grape Chewing Gum. It tastes just like Grape Soda, really nice … nutritionally rubbish I grant you but really nice!

Grape Chewing Gum

What foods have you found in the shops when abroad that intrigued you or made you smile?

6 thoughts on “Same but Different ….

  1. Horse in tins…not very appealing at all! Although I think you’re right supermarkets when you are abroad are great for helping you get a feel for a place.

    I love the packaging too. I came back from Cote d’Ivoire with a tub that once had creme fraiche in it because I loved the packaging! I learnt while I was there that oranges in that part of West Africa are green as were lemons. Also produce was divided into stuff from Europe and stuff produced locally..

    • Mmmm, I imagine that eating green oranges takes a little while to get the brain around … much like drinking a green smoothie, you expect a different taste and are then pleasantly surprised!

  2. Fascinating! I read about the horse meat thing in the news. I love Doritos’ new Tapatio flavored chips. They are pretty spicy and I love spice! As a kid i used to chew on grape flavored bubble gum.

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