Onwards & Upwards #4 ….

Hello April, better late than never!

It’s time again to take a look over my shoulder at my March goals before moving forward with this months focus.


My Sister in Law always says I ever do anything by 1/2’s and March certainly demonstrated that nicely. After not working since November and being off my feet for the best part of 3 months I get a new contract. But of course in true Fit Foot style it has to be in Kazakhstan!
Anyway, as you can imagine changing environments in such a fashion can really undermine routines and that can be seen in my mediocre performance this month, ho hum!

Complete at least an hour of crotcheting my blanket project each week. What a great way to start FAIL! I decided to leave the crotchet behind when I went overseas and haven’t picked it up since I’ve been home. Some point this year there might be a blanket!

Plan what I will achieve in the first 90 minutes, 90 hours and 90 days of my new project. Done! I’m really pleased with how the first 4 weeks have gone. So far I’ve earned my keep!

Workout in the hotel gym each Saturday and Sunday while I’m away. FAIL #2. My foot continued to swell quite badly while I was away and I didn’t want to risk further issues with it. I made it to the hotel gym once and did 20 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes walking (how dull!) This little effort in no way made up for my woeful eating and drinking choices.

Plan to do something fun / new / different on my birthday despite being away from friends and family in Kazakhstan 24/3/13 Yay! On my Birthday I had a leisurely room service breakfast followed by a 70 minute Hot Stone Massage which left me floating on air

Try and Blog a minimum of twice a week while I’m away. Thanks to WordPress being persona non grata in Kazakhstan I was unable to blog at all while I was away.

Ensure that I confidently inform new contacts of my hearing loss and let them know what I need from them. (Something I’ve struggled to do in the past). Done, where necessary. I’m lucky to have my own office so meeting with people has been straightforward so far. The Project Manager gave me an old mobile phone for use while in Kazakhstan but it had no Bluetooth and so was not compatible with my hearing equipment (a device which streams my mobile phone straight to my hearing aids). With no fuss at all she has purchased a Bluetooth compatible model for my use.

Concentrate on good dental hygiene every night, by establishing a flossing routine and sticking with it. Done! I have been excellent at keeping up with my flossing routine. Well done me, I may be developing an arse the size of a small planet buy hey, my teeth look good.

Here are my April Goals ….


Resume with healthy eating starting tomorrow. I’ve been out of control and it’s has to stop.

Find an app to track my food intake and use it every day.

Have a gym programme review to suit my healing foot.

Go to the Gym 3 times every week at home or in Kazakhstan, NO EXCUSES.

Have 2 small squares of dark chocolate every evening and no other chocolate.

Refrain from eating crisps until at least the end of April.

Start again with tracking my water intake using the Water Your Body App.

Weigh grains, muesli, pasta etc into recommended portion sizes.

In summary …. get my sh*t together!

4 thoughts on “Onwards & Upwards #4 ….

  1. Good luck with your plan to get back on track! I wonder how many people floss regularly? I do, but didn’t start until last year. It’s hard to create that kind of routine for some odd reason. Gonna have to agree with MtFitnessPal. It’s the way to go if you’re looking for an app. You can track water on it, too.

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