Turning a Corner ….

At long last I’ve managed to make it back to my gym … what a relief.
It’s been a long old road, 4 months to be precise so I was strangely nervous heading for my gym review this evening.

I met up with Lauren, my trainer from last year. We talked through how my foot is behaving at present and she helped me verbalise my goals. They really are quite simple:-

Regain my gym confidence
Lose 7lbs before my holiday on May 15th
Work towards a 5k
Get my left foot gym fit

She’s a great person to work with on rehab as she battled back from an Achilles injury and also helped cure my Brother of chronic knee pain to the point where he competes in triathlons. That’s a fairly good pedigree!

The exercises she has set me initially concentrate a lot on strength, reactivating my unused muscles and helping with good, confident foot placement. We did some interesting work on the CX Frame and the usual suspects like planks and press ups.

I finished up on the treadmill walking briskly on a 5.8 speed, 2.5 incline. At the moment my right thigh is very tight because its been overused, my left foot is not placing firmly down and is rolling outwards and my gait is not stable … from behind it must be a sight to behold! But I care not one bit, it’s a great feeling to be back.

Post gym!

… of course I might not be saying that tomorrow when I ache like b*ggery!

8 thoughts on “Turning a Corner ….

  1. Well done you !! Back on the road to a fit you !! Really looking forward to seeing you weekend after next. Off on pack Hols this weekend eeeeekkk !

    How is Michael ??

    Have a good weekend.


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    • It does seem a little like that is the case!
      The difference being though that the highest thing I’m likely to climb is the loft ladder!

      Best of luck Baz 🙂

    • Thanks Sharon … I need to keep the small steps being a positive thing in mind. The foot screamed at me a lot last night and today but I’m going to push through.

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