Fat Foot


Yes, it’s me and I am actually sitting in my house and have been here for a whole 3 days. This is some kind of record as in the last couple of months I have quite literally been up in the air constantly.


Not only have I been ‘up in the air’ but all sense of balance has been as well. My weight, oh heavens, my weight. This has been steadily creeping upwards. My exercise has been sporadic at best and my stress levels have been in orbit. In the words of my inner 5yr old I feel yuk.

When I’m overseas working I am in a hotel and on expenses. It’s a lovely hotel but I’ve now been round the same menus for four months. Most dished are served with fries but on my last visit I said these words everyday … “without fries, Spasibo”.

There are a few menu exceptions, but who can eat the same thing everyday?

Spicy Chicken Soup

Fresh Fruit Platter

Lunchtime eating has brought it’s own challenges. The Kazakhs use lots of oil and woah the portion sizes. I have got used to quickly using my hands to indicate just a little of everything. The food isn’t great but I’m trying my best. I often go for the chicken salad and on one occasion this visit the salad actually included lettuce not the normal cabbage! I’ve also been having vegetable stir fry with rice and lentil dhal with rice.

Vegetable Stirfry

Caesar Salad with actual Lettuce!

On the upside I took more food with me this time and was able to keep the chocolate eating and beer drinking to a minimum.

Trying to stay in control

In August it seems likely that I’ll be moving to an apartment and be able to cook for myself, hooray! Maybe then I can start to really knuckle down again.

I’m looking forward to getting my head in the right place but I feel like circumstances have been conspiring against me up until now.

Grrrrr, maybe my mojo is in ‘lost luggage’ at Heathrow Airport.

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