Tamara’s Breakfast Burritos …

In June I visited Houston, Texas for work. Luckily for me my trip included a weekend.

This meant I got to catch up with my Texan buddy, Tamara and her lovely husband Jeff at their country place in a teeny tiny town called Bedias. Bedias is situated approximately 100 miles north of Houston and is situated is some beautiful countryside.

I saw Longhorns, folks in Stetsons, ate Texan BBQ, drank great beer and ate Texas Toothpicks in a Biker Bar, visited Buckees and saw big old Sam Houston. I will write a post about this visit soon Y’all!

Another highlight were these very yummy breakfast burritos courtesy of Tamara. I’ve been making these regularly and they are a hit!


Red or Orange Peppers
Spring Onions (Scallions)
Sandy’s (or anyone’s!) Habanero Sauce


Yes, I did transport a large Mason Jar full of homemade sauce home in my case. Thank you Tamara and Jeff for the bubble wrap and endless supply of carrier bags!

Grated cheese (I use mature Cheddar)
Wholewheat Soft Tortillas

Dice and lightly fry the spring onions and peppers, add whisked eggs. Keep the eggs moving, you want scrambled not omelette! At the point where the eggs are turning, stir in a generous handful of grated cheese.



Warm your tortillas then spread some guacamole and habanero sauce before adding the egg mixture. Roll and serve with refried beans.


Tamara also served this with a spicy sausage on the side. A good chorizo would be similar.


Sorry the pictures aren’t marvellous .. but the Burritos are. Try them, you won’t regret it!


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