Fit Foot Refocus & August Goals

Hello August!

In a months time it will be a year since I sat down to write my first Fit Foot post. Last night I spent an hour looking back over old posts and its brought a few realities sharply into focus.

In one year I’ve almost come full circle. In my first post I talked about balance and one year on I’ve lost the battle again. It seems absurd to me that I could get through surgery with my mind and body (foot aside) unscathed only to pile on the pounds when I have no excuses … what is that all about?

The reality is my life in general isn’t very balanced. In March I headed out to Kazakhstan to start a new work contract. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve experienced a great deal of work related stress, spent half my time living in hotels and a lot of time travelling. This isn’t going to change for the rest of this year so I need to find a way to make this work … any ideas?

As for the foot, well things aren’t as great as I would have hoped. I go to the gym it swells up, I’m in the heat it swells up. Time to get it checked out again.

I feel physically horrible at the moment but there are goals to be aiming for. Come on Fit Foot … remember what this blog is for, we can do this.


On to my August goals, because goals really work for me and look what happens when I don’t do them!

August Goals

Read Gretchin Rubin’s book ‘Happier at Home’ – I loved the Happiness Project and follow the Authors blog. I’m looking forward to reading this.

Make an appointment to see a Physio re Fit Foot’s progress.

Cook 4 new recipes – I love to cook and haven’t made anything new for a while.

Make 4 new juice recipes – I juice everyday when at home but have got into a routine. Time to try some new things.

Weigh myself and write a post about it. Time to lay it all out there 😦

Book some personal training with Lauren at the gym for when I’m in the UK. This works for me so why the hell not.

Complete weeks 2-5 of Couch 2 5k. I started this again last week, now I need to keep going.

Take healthy snacks with me to Kazakhstan. I’m moving into an apartment so it will be fun trying to find good ingredients to cook with!

No drinking alcohol during weekdays when in Kazakhstan, no exceptions.

Have a clear out, charity shop run and tidy of my wardrobe (closet).

Generally get my sh*t together!

Here’s to always striving and moving forward 🙂

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