My Brother … All the Inspiration I Need

Just over three years ago me and Adrian (my Brother) stood in his kitchen chatting about goals and challenges. The previous year I had completed a 5 day charity walk of the Great Wall of China and was feeling in need of a new focus.

“How about the Great North Run?” I said.
“My knees aren’t up to it. I fancy having a go at the London to Brighton Bike Ride though” Adrian said.

Against my better judgment and having not been on a bike much since childhood, I agreed. A few months later we cycled 56 miles from London to Brighton for the British Heart Foundation.

London to Brighton

Following the London to Brighton one of us caught the cycling bug! Adrian upgraded his bike and started taking part in cycling events across the UK. Then something even stranger happened, he decided he quite fancied doing a Triathlon. He trained hard to fix the dodgy knees and now has several triathlons under his belt including an Olympic distance one.

Three years on, lots of lbs lost, fitness through the roof this was Adrian pictured yesterday having just finished the inaugural Prudential Ride London event.

Adrian prudential 100 ride London

He cycled 100 miles through London and Surrey, finishing in The Mall just outside Buckingham Palace. His time was 5 hours 20 minutes, over an hour quicker than he had estimated.


Me and my Sister in Law, Helen were in a great spot just 50 metres from the finish line to witness him and his megawatt smile cross the finish line.

I asked him “On a scale of 1-10, how pleased are you with your performance today?”
He replied “12” … and so he should be.

I’m proud and continue to be inspired by amazing big bruv xx

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