You shall go to the ball Fit Foot …

On Saturday I headed off to The Sweatshop to see if my gait and foot placement had changed since last years surgery. I also wanted to know if my old trainers were still suitable or if a shiny new pair were required.

I chose The Sweatshop as their staff are all skilled in three levels of biomechanical training examining all aspects of how our bodies move while running. The staff have in-depth knowledge of how the foot and lower leg work and which shoes are suited to individual styles of running.

To start the assistant watched me walk and took a scan of my feet whilst standing still. This revealed that I have slightly high arches.

Next I tried a pair of trainers and was set to work on the treadmill at a steady jogging pace. Firstly though I removed my rather large necklace so as not to knock myself out. Good planning Fit Foot!

I got to watch the video of my running technique which was interesting. The good news is, the over pronation (rolling the foot inwards) that I displayed pre op has been corrected. My feet when running are now neutral…hoorah!

Cue new pair of trainers. After trying on loads and running on the treadmill again I decided on the Brooks Glycerine in Blue. I can only describe these trainers as ‘bouncy’!

Brooks Glycerine

I ran for the first time in these today and am really pleased with my choice. I’m hoping Cinderella’s right and that these trainers will help me realise some long awaited goals …


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