Mindful and Strong …

Ahhh, at last a week of clean eating and exercise and I feel so much better for it.

My workouts looked like this:-

Monday – Spin Class (am) / PT Session (pm)
Wednesday – Spin Class
Friday – Couch 2 5k Session + Rehab work on foot
Saturday – Spin Class + Couch 2 5k Session
Sunday – Couch 2 5k Session

Interestingly the more I’ve done, the less my foot has swelled. I’ve made an appointment to see the Surgeon at the end of the month and will talk to him about this.


Eating wise there have been daily nutritious juices, lots of stirfrys with fish, chicken and shrimp. No mindless snacking, the two daily pieces of dark chocolate approach is working well once more.

So things are on track … unfortunately I fly back to Kazakhstan tomorrow morning and the same old challenges will be lurking in the wings. These include bad food, tiredness and beer swilling oil men for friends!

However, I am staying in an apartment for this visit and will be able to cook for myself. Also a work colleague flew out today and is keen to make more use of the gym, so I hope we can encourage each other.

Fruit and vegetables are in short supply and not great quality but I’m using some of my luggage allowance to take healthy options with me. As you can see you have to get creative when finding light weight healthy foods to take!



Wish me luck with keeping on the straight and narrow. See you all in a few weeks when I come back out of WordPress isolation!

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