Onwards & Upwards #5

Hello September & the Autumn! How did that come around so quick?

It’s time again to take a look over my shoulder at my August goals before moving forward into September.


It’s been an up and down month (again), some positives, some not! A little too much socialising and not enough exercise. Balanced no, fun yes. Absolutely no point in beating myself up about it. I know what needs doing so SUCK IT UP Fit Foot!

Read Gretchin Rubin’s book ‘Happier at Home’ – Done! I loved the Happiness Project and this for me didn’t match it. I felt it repeated a lot of topics from the previous book.

Make an appointment to see a Physio re Fit Foot’s progress -Done! I actually went to see the Surgeon instead last week. He is 100% happy with Fit Foots progress. The swelling tissue is soft (this is good apparently) and the scars are supple. I can expect the swelling to continue for sometime to come but can get on with things in the knowledge that this is a perfectly normal state of affairs.

Cook 4 new recipes – I love to cook and haven’t made anything new for a while – 100% Fail!

Make 4 new juice recipes – I managed three out of the four, so not too shabby!The new juices were the Ruby Juice, Carrot, Apple & Ginger and finally, Strawberry, Pear & Pineapple.

Book some personal training with Lauren at the gym for when I’m in the UK – Done! Started back yesterday, I’ll write about progress soon.

Weigh myself and write a post about it – Half done! I was weighed yesterday … The post will follow.

Complete weeks 2-5 of Couch 2 5k – Mmmmm, I did week 2 but then stopped, so FAIL!

Take healthy snacks with me to Kazakhstan. I’m moving into an apartment so it will be fun trying to find good ingredients to cook with! Done! I’ll write a post about my apartment soon.

No drinking alcohol during weekdays when in Kazakhstan, no exceptions.– Mmmmm, did fine until the Friday of week one when one of those unplanned party nights happened. After that it was all down hill. Ho hum.

Have a clear out, charity shop run and tidy of my wardrobe (closet) This is in progress and I’m being brutal. I saw this on Pinterest and it struck a cord:-

Clear Out!

So there it is, my up and down month. Onwards and upwards, here’s to always moving forward.

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