Beautiful London …

I had a little time to really admire St Pancras train station yesterday while waiting to meet my friend for what turned out to be a long, wine fuelled fun afternoon (whoops!)

St Pancras station has stunning gothic architecture both inside and out and it was really lovely to not be rushing through, head down on the way to an appointment. This time I was able to look up and enjoy.

Cloud Sculpture

This cloud sculpture is on the Grand Terrace on the upper level and is where the giant Olympic Rings were housed last year. The scultpture made me smile as I walked down the platform. It’s so whimsical, with figures floating on the clouds 15 feet above your head!


Above is some detail from the Gothic Revival columns, beautiful.

The Kissing Couple

Finally, what better than saying to a loved one “I’ll meet you under
The Kissing Couple”. This sculpture is by British artist, Paul Day who is also responsible for The Battle of Britain monument on the Embankment by The Thames.

When you pause it amazing what you see.

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