Sunday Fashion Fiesta … Autumn’s Here!

This morning I thought “I know I’ll do a Saturday Fashion Fiesta”. Then I realised it was Sunday … Oh well, lets do it anyway.

With the changing temperatures and shift into Autumn the shops are full of clothes that I’m coveting. I am in my element as Khaki Green is one of my favourite colours, and its everywhere hooray!

The other thing I’m enjoying is being able to wear decent shoes again. This time last year I was pre surgery and hobbling around in Converse. This year I’m doing heels baby 🙂

Anyway here are a few items I may have already given in to!

Zara Parka

This combination parka from Zara is my favourite thing at the moment. I brought it when the weather was still mild and was willing for a cool day to pay a visit just so I could wear it. The fur (fake) lining is detachable but its so snuggly that I’ll probably leave it in.

COS Gloves

Years ago I had a beautiful pair of John Lewis gloves this colour and was bereft when I dropped one somewhere in an airport. So, imagine my glee when I spotted these beauties in COS. they are soft buttery leather with a cashmere lining, oh yes! List of justifications include; its cold in Kazakhstan in the winter, they are khaki green, they match my coat … shall I go on?!

Clarks Originals

I’m a little bit in love with these Yarra shoes. This is probably due to the fact that they are the first heels in a long time that I could happily wear all day. What is surprising is where they are from, Clarks. For those of you in the UK you’ll properly know Clarks as the place your Mum took you for practical but dull School shoes. They still do practical and dull, but they now also do the Clarks Originals range full of lots of lovely takes on their iconic desert boot. It’s fair to say another pair in black are likely to walk into my life soon!

Zara Necklace

Finally it’s no secret that I am a Magpie and I do love a bit of bling! This necklace from Zara is large, heavy and a great deep burgundy colour. I’ve been wearing it over sweatshirts to add a little pizzaz!

What’s on your wish list? What’s crept into your closet lately?

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