Spin Bike v Fit Foot … Spin Bike Wins!

On a list of things not to do the day before going on holiday this has to rank fairly near the top …

Day One

Yes folks, I had a big old argument with a Spin Bike. Not 100% sure what happened but I think my foot moved in my Spin shoe mid sprint making my knee buckle. I stupidly tried to stop but my foot was carried round by the pedal. Ouch, cue an attempt to casually get off the bike whilst fighting back the tears and thinking I might have broken it.

Anyway, lots of ice, a sleep and yes, a few sneaky tears later I boarded a flight to New York. This was the result by the time I reached the other end …

Day Two

A spectacular ‘cankle’ which saw me wheeled through US Immigration. Great start don’t you think? Thank you Virgin Atlantic for the bags of ice en route and radioing ahead for some wheels!

It was Michael’s first trip Stateside so I was determined not to ruin it for him. One ankle support and some pain killers later we hit Manhattan.

This was the result at the end of the first day …

Day Three

I’d be lying if I said ‘Anklegate’ didn’t disrupt our trip but we had a blast regardless. I’ll be sure to bore you a little with it soon.

One week on and the ankle is slowly healing. I did make it to the gym this week for an abs and upper body workout so all is not lost. I just thank my lucky stars the ankle belonged to the ‘good’ foot, phew. Things could have been a whole lot worse!

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