Tuesday Eats

On Monday I mentioned I’m going back to basics and setting myself some small goals in an attempt to get back on track. One of my goals is to increase posting to this blog as a way of sharing this latest bump in the road and holding myself accountable.

First off an honest account of everything I ate yesterday. I did a big shop and stocked up on vegetables, fruit and water. What was a students fridge now holds ingredients that make actual meals, hooray!

For breakfast I had Porridge Oats made with skimmed milk. Instead of sugar I drizzled Agave Nectar on top which is low glycemic and therefore helps to avoid sugar highs and lows.


Mid morning I had a Jazz apple and made sure I was drinking plenty of water.

Mid Morning Snack

Before my 40th birthday I slimmed down a dress size. One of things that really helped me was stir frys. I ate them for lunch and dinner regularly, they kept me full and I never got bored as I rotated the protein between fish and chicken.

Today I enjoyed this tuna steak stir fry.




In the afternoon I grabbed a Granola bar.

Granola Bar

I’m in a hotel for the next two nights but before I left for the journey down I had two slices of wholemeal toast and low sugar baked beans.

Beans on Toast

When I arrived at the hotel I avoided the Starbucks and instead made myself a Jasmine Green Tea and for something sweet I enjoyed two pieces of dark chocolate with chilli.

Dark Chocolate

Now I need to get through two days of hotel living in one piece!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Eats

  1. I LOVE LINDT chocolate, especially the extra milk version. It’s so rich that my sweet tooth is satisfied after eating just one square!

    • I agree .. It’s going to be my sweet kick from now until Christmas.

      I am currently enjoying Blueberry Intense, Dark with Sea Salt, Coconut Intense and Strawberry Intense flavours.

      As soon as I get back from the store I portion the chocolate into two piece portions.

      I need to try that Extra Milk!

  2. I hate baked beans, just loathe them, beans on toast is my idea of hell, but I hope you enjoyed them! I try not to have chocolate around, it’s too easy for me to have a bad day and then eat it instead of dinner! I have no natural balance!

  3. wow, it all seems very healthy – i think its great! Though I have found through a lot of research that agave syrup is not much better than high fructose corn syrup due to the fact that it contains loads of fructose – just something i thought i’d share because I used to think it’s super healthy until i found out it wasn’t really..

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