Saturday Fashion Fiesta – Scarves, Sweatshirts & Socks

I love me a scarf, I’m a compulsive sweatshirt buyer and socks are a seasonal necessity in Blighty. So there we have three good reasons for this weeks Saturday Fashion Fiesta!

First up is this lovely check and stripe Tamar scarf from Plumo. I’m sure my Dad would wonder why I was wearing a table cloth but none the less I think this is a wear with anything buy.


This Printed Fur sweatshirt is from Topshop, the print extends across the shoulders at the back. This would look great with a leather midi skirt or leather carrot top trousers.


All Saints have got stupidly pricy of late but I could be persuaded to invest in a statement monogram scarf in the pre / post Christmas sales.

All Saints

This Navy Pinstripe sweatshirt is from Zara. This would work equally well as work wear or with jeans.


I spotted this final scarf on Pinterest. It was a deal on the Zulily site but unfortunately they’ve all gone. It just looks so cosy and ripe for a post Christmas dinner walk, so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for something similar.


My final sweatshirt is from the Alexander McQueen diffusion line, McQ. I love love love the bird print, although at £205 I may have to pass.


There’s just one pair of socks today. For some reason I feel I must have a pair of mustard socks like these. I have the tan brogues, I have the indigo turn up jeans … I NEED these socks!!

Mustard Socks

Santa if you’re listening MUSTARD SOCKS!

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