A Happy Weekend …

It’s a gloomy drizzly Monday in Blighty so I thought I’d write a post about my happy weekend to cheer myself up and spread some cheery vibes across cyberspace!


I woke up feeling nervous. Several hundred butterflies had taken up residence in my tummy. The reason? In the evening it was the first time myself and Michael had brought our two families together.

On account of my house being at the compact and bijou end of the scale, my Brother and Sister in Law agreed to ‘rent’ us their kitchen and dining room for the occasion!

Helen (Lovely Sis in Law) met us at the supermarket where we pondered catering for ten people and stocked up on wine (mostly for me).

We reconvened at their house and commenced the mammoth preparation. Michael was chief of chicken … I feel blessed that I’ve bagged a guy who knows his way round the spice cupboard and can cook a mean roast dinner!

Next up was the how do we seat everyone conundrum! My logical Brother produced an interesting add on to the dining table which reminded me of the ‘kiddies table’ from old family mealtimes!

At 6.30 prompt everyone arrived. Michael’s Mum, Sister and Brother; my Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister in Law and Marie (Helens Mum).


Heaven only knows what I was worried about, after the introductions were over everyone chatted freely all evening. There was lots of laughter too and of course a great meal. Phew!

My family have made it quite clear that they hope the next meal might be in Jamaica, apparently they are willing to travel!


A lazy morning was required as we were both feeling a tiny bit jaded from the night before. I cooked ham, eggs and beans for breakfast and Michael made us pear, ginger, apple and strawberry juice.

Early afternoon I jumped on the train to London to meet up with fellow Blogger and ‘virtual’ friend over the last year, Nic. Nic has a great blog over at NicDempsey.com where she muses on life, the universe and everything.

We met at St Pancras Station and after weighing up a few options decided to go with the ‘let’s have a drink’ option.

We headed for Camino, a Spanish Bar / Restaurant in Kings Cross.


Despite the extensive Tapas menu we somehow forgot to eat. This may have something to do with the three hours of non stop chatting and a bottle (and a bit) of Cava. We also failed Blogger 101 when neither of took any pictures, however it was a really nice afternoon and I’m looking forward to catching up again soon.

In the evening I cooked a simple dish of wholemeal pasta, pesto, vegetables and tuna. Me and Michael then caught up with two episodes of Ripper Street (the Captain Homer Jackson crush isn’t going away!) and watched a great tribute to the late, great British comedian Felix Dexter.

… ands that’s why I don’t care that it’s grey, cold and dull outside 🙂

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