Tuesday Eats #2

I’m in week 2 of my pre Christmas back to basics campaign. I’m concentrating planning ahead (instead of making on the spot, random food decisions), I’m trying to get plenty of sleep and also, importantly increasing my workouts. All this while travelling with work every week and heading overseas for a project roll out in December, eek!

So once again in the spirit of staying focused, here is an honest account of everything I ate yesterday….

I had an early little breakfast as I was heading to the gym for a 7.30am workout. A little bowl of Special K with skimmed milk gave me just enough fuel to see me through the squat and press up hell that followed.

Special K

Mid morning I had a Jazz apple and a Peanut Nature Valley Bar at my desk (working from home, so dining table is more accurate!)

Work Snack

For lunch it was leftover Sunday dinner which consisted of wholemeal fusilli with vegetables, pesto and tuna. Is it just me or are leftovers sometimes tastier than the main event?


In the afternoon I braved the shops and cracked on with the Xmas shopping. I’m in Kazakhstan for the first two weeks of December so if I don’t get organised now, I’m in trouble. While I was out I grabbed a medium soya latte.

Soya Latte

Dinner was an old favourite, homemade Lentil Dahl with wild rice. I needed a little something extra so had a small flatbread on the side.

Lentil Dahl

Lots of water and Jasmine Green Tea was also consumed.

Maybe a tad carb heavy but healthy and nutritious all the same. I’m heading into week 2 feeling positive.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Eats #2

  1. Yay for being back on track! how did the present shopping go? I’m a big fan of roasted cauliflower with dhal or you could try cauliflower ‘rice’ to make it more like your usual! I sound like a rep for the cauliflower marketing board but it’s a great sub for carbs when you’re trying to make everyday food a bit more healthy.

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