Tuesday Eats #3

It’s my last week at home before two crazy stressful tiring weeks in Kazakhstan so I’m trying to get those vitamins down my neck while I still can.

I have continued to be more mindful of my choices. I haven’t been 100% on point but I certainly feel more in control of myself these last few weeks.

So once again in the spirit of holding myself accountable, here is an honest account of today’s food choices…

I had a great breakfast of two turkey sausages, wilted spinach and scrambled eggs … proteintastic!

Protein Breakfast

This was followed mid morning by a juice drink (didn’t have any fresh to do my own)


Lunch was homemade Spiced Carrot Soup with a flatbread. I have one more serving of this soup in the freezer but can’t have it until I defrost it, as like an idiot I placed the bag on the top shelf where it promptly froze between the slats!

Spiced Carrot Soup

For a snack I had some Salt and Vinegar popcorn and a Peanut Nature Valley Bar (not pictured)


Dinner was a woeful small bowl of Special K cereal and skimmed milk. I wanted to grab something quick as I had to pack and get on the road to Farnborough this evening.

Special K

I am however quite proud of my new tactic. I wore my workout clothes for the journey down, checked in, dropped my bag in my room and did a quick workout. This could be a good approach going forward.

I’m now happily ensconced in my hotel room with some fresh pineapple and a bottle of water.


Not too bad at all!

No Tuesday Eats for the next 2 weeks as I’m overseas and can’t access WordPress, but I will try and document what I ate both Tuesdays and share with you later. One of these will be from a remote oilfield … prepare for some grim offerings folks!

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