Goodbye 2013 …

With a meagre 6 hours of 2013 left I thought it was only right to spend a little time reflecting on the highs and lows of the year.


I started the year on crutches following surgery on my foot at the end of November 2012. Much of the early part of the year was spent learning to weight bear and walk correctly, no longer having to compensate for the pain I felt pre surgery.

Post Op Foot

It wasn’t until mid April that I finally made it back to the gym. The rest of the year fitness wise has been hit and miss at best. A few weeks of gym attendance has been followed by weeks of inactivity … backwards, forward, backwards, forwards.

Lets not forget the great job I did to myself in October when I injured my ankle during spin class.

Day Three

After 3 weeks rest I was able to return to the gym but it’s been sporadic at best. I do however end the year on a high. I returned this morning to Spin Class (hooray) and I’m taking an optimistic mindset with me into 2014.

Eating & Drinking

The biggest challenge without a doubt has been the amount of time I spend away from home and in transit. I am determined to find a way to make this work in 2014 as the damage to my waistline and the number on the scales is very telling. Much like the fitness I can have a few weeks of Monk like eating followed by a lack of vegetables and fresh fruit and an overdose of carbohydrates. The simple truth is I’m back to a position where half my wardrobe doesn’t fit me and it sucks.

On a positive note I started juicing in January and haven’t stopped. I love the taste of fresh juice and am especially keen on the green juices I didn’t initially expect to like.


I’m self employed and this meant in order to have foot surgery I had to take the decision to have 3 months off work at the end of 2012 and beginning of the year. As often happens in the life of the self employed the unexpected then happened and I landed a great overseas contract which commenced in March. The role has seen my skills stretched and challenged, something which has been stressful and astounding in equal measure! I’ve met some great new colleagues and reconnected with old friends as well as having the unique chance to soak up the traditions and culture of Kazakhstan.


My contract has been extended to at least December 2014 and this is allowing me and Michael to realise a big dream in the New Year, more to follow on this topic in January!!


We had a lovely English Summer and the garden looked stunning (big thanks to my green fingered parents!)


I finally got round to having someone in to plaster my spare bedroom. It’s a blank, smooth canvas now, ready for decorating.

On a sadder note on 20th December my beautiful fluffy crazy cat Mabel made her last visit to the Vets. She had been companion since being a tiny puff of fur 13 years previous and I will miss her desperately.



I dread to think how many miles I’ve travelled this year!

I’ve spent exactly 120 days in Kazakhstan, completed a 2 week business trip to Houston which included a fun weekend in the Texas countryside with friends, spent an idyllic 10 days in the Maldives with the man I love, hobbled round Manhattan and Brooklyn for a week, stayed in a retro Airstream Caravan in Cornwall, enjoyed a great long weekend in Brighton and topped it off with 7 days on a farm in Warwickshire for Xmas. In between all this I’ve spent around 2 weeks on and off staying in hotels for work in the UK. No wonder I’m shattered.


So there we have it. Was 2013 a stable, balanced year? Certainly not! Has it been an interesting and challenging year? You betcha!

My word for 2014 is FUTURE. Building a future with Michael, building a body I can be proud of, getting balance back and enjoying my friends and family.

Here’s to the FUTURE!!

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