REALISTIC Goals – January 2014


My word for 2014 is FUTURE but I think there also needs to be an emphasis on REALISTIC. If there’s one thing 2013 taught me, it’s that unfortunately I’m not Superwoman … I know what a disappointment!

I need to do what I can do and not set myself up for failure. After all I am balancing an overseas job, family, a relationship and friends alongside looking after myself. So with a realistic future in mind these are my goals for the month of January.

1) Workout at the gym at least 3 times a week.

2) Cook 4 new recipes and share them on Fit Foot.

3) Book flights to Spain for a family holiday in June.

4) Have a weekend by the sea in Hove.

5) Start meal planning and grocery shopping online.

6) Have my car serviced.

7) Try a new class at the gym (not just overload on Spin!)

8) Weigh out cereal, rice and pasta into portions.

9) Paint the walls and ceiling in the spare bedroom.

10) Get a new passport and a new visa for Kazakhstan.

11) Save £25 each month towards Spain spending money and car hire.

I’m worn out just thinking about this list, but …

“Here’s to always moving forwards”.

2 thoughts on “REALISTIC Goals – January 2014

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