A Mindful Night Out …

Socialising in January when you are focused on shaping up can quite frankly be a bit daunting. You’ve organised your kitchen, you’ve planned your meals, you’ve booked your gym classes then BAM you’re back out into the scary world where all control can be easily lost.

Last night I met up with my old buddy Alex. We didn’t realise it when we planned getting together but it marked 20 years to the day since we met. We met up in Camden Town in North London which is where we worked together all those years ago.

Me and Alex

I arrived early and as it was cold and windy I headed for the Worlds End Pub. Normally I would grab a glass of wine or a bottle of lager but waited for Alex nursing a small Diet Coke. I don’t drink many sodas these days but thought the choice was the lesser of the available evils!

After lots of catch up chat we considered our options for dinner. Alex suggested Fish and Chips until I pointed out my aim of dropping some pounds is year. We settled on Japanese as I knew I could eat well and healthy.

We headed to the Bento Cafe in Parkway.

I enjoyed a couple of these …

Flowering Jasmine Tea

… and some Sake.

We shared some Edamame Beans and Miso Soup then I tucked into a fantastic Sashimi Bento Box. It was soooooo good!


I limited myself to Jack Daniels and Diet Cokes x3 which when compared with my normal drinks choices (see comparison below) saved me some calories. Equally it meant I didn’t miss out.

3 x glasses white wine (approx 339 kcals)
3 x bottles lager (approx 340 kcals)
3 x JD and Diet Coke (approx 234 kcals)

Mindful worked this time, now to carry it on throughout the first few months of 2014!

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