A Passport to Roam …

Yesterday I freed myself from the confines of my office to arrange a new passport. Annoyingly my old passport still had three years left to run, but I knew the remaining two blank pages would not see me through the next 3 months travel.

I paid for The Passport Agencies premium service. This meant following a quick over the counter series of checks, dropping off forms and paying the fee, I could return in 4 hours and pick up my shiny new passport.

So what to do with those precious, gifted hours?

First stop was Oxford Street and Regents Street and a long awaited visit to H&M’s funkier, more grown up Sister & Other Stories. I’m really liking what they do here and have been adding lots of their clothes and accessories to my Pinterest pages recently. Speaking of which, you can check me out on Pinterest here!

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After a picking up a bargain dress in the Cos sale I headed to Cha Cha Moon in nearby Ganton Street for lunch. Cha Cha Moon specialise in noodle based dishes but I’m more of a rice girl, so I went for the Malaysian Fish Curry with rice. I also enjoyed a side of Edamame Beans.

Cha Cha Moon

A quick visit to Niketown for Sports Bras and Topshop for the mustard coloured socks I’ve been converting for some time followed.

After that consumerfest I felt a little culture was in order so I jumped on the Tube and headed for Charing Cross. I had a little wander about and stumbled across this great looking pub in Northumberland Street.

Sherlock Holmes Pub

Next stop the National Portrait Gallery where it has to be said I made a bit of an arse out of myself. I went to information to ask where the painting Ophelia was displayed. Turns out its in The Tate Britain, doh! I really wanted to see it as well as I went to a play about the artists muse, Lizzie Siddel a few weeks back. Oh well, another time. I did wander round a wing of the gallery and took the weight of my feet. A very pleasant and free way to spend an hour or two.

National Portrait Gallery

A quick bus ride from Whitehall to Victoria Station was next on my list. Michael was waiting for and held the shopping bags while I went back to the Passport Agency to collect my new passport.

We just managed to beat the Friday rush hour to get back to St Pancras Station and a spot of dinner at Yo! Sushi. Yum.

Yo! Sushi

Finally, as a long day was drawing to a close, I grabbed a coffee and admired my new passport. I wonder where it will take me in the next 10 years?

Passport and Coffee

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