Ten Things …

I’m feeling grateful today and happy with my lot so I thought I’d share ten things that are putting a smile on my face and a spring in my step. Nothing earth shattering, just basic normal things …

1) Turkey Sausages. Lots of protein, 104 kcal each and paired with Spinach and Scrambled Eggs a filling breakfast.

2) John Lewis Winter Spice Candles. I’m enjoying the smell of Christmas for as long as possible having brought two of the these lovely candles at half price in the New Years sale.

Winter Spice Candle

3) My Dad for cleverly ‘T’cutting the scratches off my car door and wing mirror yesterday after someone had so charmingly scratched it, Grrrrrrr.

4) Working from home. It’s so good to start the year anchored to one place. I feel really grateful that I can start my day when I choose, add personal appointments into my diary, control my diet and wear pyjamas all day if I choose!

5) Nike Victory Define Sports Bras. Finally a comfy, well fitting and shapely sports bra. I brought two of these last week, 1 black, 1 hot pink. I’ve test driven them in Spin and Circuits and will be throwing my old uncomfortable sports bras in the bin.

Taking support where I can get it!

Taking support where I can get it!

6) Cos Leather Detail Knit Dress. Half price in the sale, just add opaque black tights and Converse. Effortless.

7) Moroccan Mint Green Tea. Especially from the company,’We are Tea’.

8) Circuit Training. Who knew this could make me happy. There are some very fit people in this class and it’s no accident as I see them work incredibly hard. It makes me happy that I can get through the class in one piece, I’m happy it makes me sweat buckets and I’m excited by the possibilities if I make this a regular part of my fitness programme.

9) Online Grocery Shopping. What a revelation. Money saving, time saving and waist line saving. Helps with meal planning and no more randomly chucking things in the basket.

10) Other peoples blogs. I’ve just started following:-

Let’s Walk and Talk

The Happy Life Project

Running into 30

It’s great to get a new perspective along with a New Year.

2 thoughts on “Ten Things …

    • Martha … I am very motivated in fits and starts, still searching for the motivation that lasts all year! Re the share, it’s a pleasure. It’s really good to read other peoples adventures.

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