Tuesday Eats #2, 2014

Welcome to the second ‘Tuesday Eats’ of 2014. This week has been a positive one but it’s also reminded me how tricky it can be to stay on track when outside of a controlled environment.

I’m still focusing on building good habits in January. The introduction of online grocery shopping and meal planning are helping with this, but they are both something I am new to.

So here goes, a look back and honest account of everything I ate yesterday …

I started the day with a 40g of Muesli with Skimmed Milk and a Multi vitamin! You’ll notice from the picture the Muesli is in a ziploc bag. This is part of my planning, preparation and portion control and forms one of this months goals.

40g Muesli

Mid morning I had 3 oat cakes, Guacamole and a small handful of carrot sticks.

Oat Cakes & Guacamole

Lunch was scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, an apple and a peanut cereal bar (not pictured).

Scrambled Egg, Smoked Salmon

I had a two hour wait in the afternoon while my car was being serviced. With no where in walking distance other than a Garden Centre I pitched up in their cafe and made a Latte and a Flapjack last 1.5 hours!

Latte & Flapjack

Dinner was a griddled tuna steak, 35g brown rice with some roasted cherry tomatoes.


I obviously hadn’t had enough of the right things to eat as I felt hungry after my dinner and had cereal bar #2, which wasn’t part of the plan. Lesson learned.


My grocery delivery is due this evening so I’ll have a full fridge and larder to make the right choices from. Today will be about using up the left overs!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Eats #2, 2014

  1. Meal planning feels weird if you haven’t done it before but now I do it all the time, I find that I spend less money on food but always seem to have loads of food in the fridge, I think it’s because I’ve concentrated hard on making sure that nothing goes in the bin! One thing I would say about that day is that it was light on fruit and veg, that might be why you were hungry at the end of the day. I did that over Christmas, I seemed to be hungry all the time but when I thought about it, it was because I was hungry for green things and green jellybabies didn’t qualify!

      • Everything I do it practice because I’ll never get it right!
        I thought that maybe the grocery ordering had gone a bit wonky and you’d run out, which can happen in the first couple of weeks of meal planning..not that I’ve ever done that at all!

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