January Fitness – Week 2

I known it’s early days but I can hand on heart say I’ve felt more positive about the last two weeks workouts than I did for the entirety of 2013. Long may my fitness mojo continue!

Here’s how I did on the exercise front for the second 7 days of 2014.

Wednesday 8th January – Lunchtime Spin Class, complete with a pat on the back and a “good job today” comment from Tom the trainer.

Thursday 9th January – An hours Personal Training. This week I focused on the TRX and Boxing drills. I LOVED the boxing and am looking forward to later today when I’m doing some more, yay!



Saturday 11th January – Morning Spin Class

Sunday 12th January – Circuit Training. This class is run by Kimberly an ex professional Cheerleader. Oh! to have that woman’s figure! I love the intensity of this class but found myself wanting when it came to the sprints at the end of the session. A new thing to work on!

Tuesday 14th January – An hours Personal Training. More TRX, planks and intervals on the treadmill.

5 workouts this week … good job Fit Foot!

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