Tuesday Eats #3, 2014 …

Another good week on the healthy eating front even with a trip to Jamie’s Italian on Sunday.I chose a starter sized dish of Truffle Tagliatelle and a Rocket and Parmesan Salad if you were wondering and it was delicious! I may have had some lovely Artisan bread and a handful of Posh Chips as well, but certainly not as many as usual!

So, carrying on my tradition of being open and honest, here’s everything I ate yesterday ..

I started work early so had an apple to keep me going while Michael had a few extra hours sleep. You all know what an apple looks like, so imagine one now!

Breakfast was a poached egg, wilted spinach, sautéed mushrooms and a slice of wholemeal toast.


Lunch was a bit of a grab and fail affair. I worked half a day then set off to do some get round to it tasks. I dropped some books at the charity shop, cashed in my money box change at the bank and went searching for the correct cistern piece to fix the toilet (glamorous I know!) While we were out I grabbed a Soy Latte and a Cheese and Ham Toastie. Against Michaels 644 kcal slice of carrot cake that was positively angelic.

An hour before heading to Circuit Training I grabbed a Chocolate Nature Valley Cereal Bar.

Chocolate Cereal Bar

I prepped dinner before leaving for the gym as I knew I’d be ravenous after an hours high intensity training. Dinner was Moroccan Meatball Tangine with Moroccan Spiced Cous Cous and it was delicious.

Moroccan Meatball Tagine

I drank 2 Litres of water and 3 Jasmine Green Teas throughout the day.

Not perfect, but pretty good.

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