January Fitness – Week 3

Yay! My fitness mojo has returned, I actually look forward to going again.

Here’s how I did on the exercise front for the third week of 2014.

Wednesday 15th January – An hour’s Personal Training. It was a killer, but great fun. I did boxing again, hooray 🙂 with the addition of sprint and planks at intervals throughout.

Thursday 16th January – A lunchtime hour of cardio in the gym. Consisting of a 5 minute warm up, 30 minutes of walk, run, walk run on the treadmill, 5 minute cool down and stretch.


Saturday 18th January – Morning Spin Class. There was no air in the room so this session was hot and unpleasant.

Sunday 19th January – Fail! Was meant to be a Spin Class but I woke up 10 minutes after the start of the class, doh!

Monday 20th January – Circuit Training with my Brother. It was tough but a lot of fun working with him in a pair and watching him attempting to skip like a 5yr old girl.

Four sessions in total, so still on track to meet my January target.

One thought on “January Fitness – Week 3

  1. Spin class…in the morning??!! *shudder*
    Really well done on that one! I just cant bring myself to do spin..or get up in the morning for that matter (unless I have PT…)

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