The Little Things Helping Fit Foot #2

As part of my focus on shaping up, losing body fat and generally becoming as awesome as possible, I’m trying out new ideas, foods, gadgets, gym kit etc etc …

As usual none of these items are earth shattering but the important thing is, they are making a difference to me and here’s number 2 on my list …

You know those women who go into an exercise class, all bouncy ponytail and fresh faced, then walk out after 45 minutes looking almost identical? Yes? Well that’s the polar opposite of me. I am the one who sweats like a bloke and leaves sporting a shade reminiscent of a lobster.

I’ve been wearing bandanas in the gym for years as a way of ensuring I keep my fringe (bangs) off my face and don’t drip sweat in my eyes (nice!). I’ve never found a headband that will stay put and absorb the kind of sweat generated by me in a Spin Class, until now.

Browsing Lululemon’s website a few weeks ago I stumbled across the bang buster headband.


They come in three colour ways, black, hot pink & white and retail at £18. A little pricy for a headband I know, but I’m a convert.


Road tested in Circuit Training and Spin Class this headband pulls the sweat away from the head and doesn’t budge an inch. An order for a second one is going in this week.

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