Tuesday Eats #4, 2014

It’s been an up and down week on the eating front.
First couple of days were on point, the second couple of days I felt a bit out of sorts and didn’t eat enough, and then, there was a long weekend in Brighton and Hove.

Yesterday I had an appointment all morning and errands to run all afternoon, so I didn’t take photos of the day. Therefore in this weeks Tuesday Eats I shamefully share what I had on Sunday. I said I’d be open and honest, so here goes…

Stormy Brighton

After stormy but mostly dry weather on Saturday we woke up to torrential rain on Sunday morning. It was a slow start to the day but it was helped along by a cup of Jasmine Green Tea in bed.

I researched the top ten places to eat breakfast and brunch in Hove and was pleased to see one was in walking distance. The reviewers must have meant in dry weather as we were soaked by the time we arrived at the wonderful Ethel’s Kitchen. This gem of a cafe is tiny but packed full of vintage finds and English quirkiness. We waited ten minutes for a table but the service was swift and excellent and the menu, well, fantastic and very reasonably priced.

I had the vegetarian breakfast. It consisted of; 2 veggie sausages, poached eggs, mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes, baked beans, potato and herb rosties, wholemeal toast … It was delicious!

Vegetarian Breakfast

Loose leaf Jasmine tea was served in a tea pot with a dainty china cup, lovely!

On the way in we passed the counter with all the beautiful homemade cakes on display.


I have to admit that I HAD to have a piece of the Victoria Sponge with Rosewater. This was my lunch, whoops!

During the drive home I had 10 almonds to keep the blood sugar from staging a revolt!

Dinner consisted of 2 small slices of wholemeal toast and baked beans.

Beans on Toast

Lacking in fruit, lacking in veg, lacking in food … but really yummy and I’m back on the wagon now!

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