REALISTIC Goals, January 2014 … How Did I Do?

On January 2nd I posted my goals for the month. I spent some time reflecting on the struggles I experienced in 2013 with getting the balance right and realised REALISTIC should feature heavily in 2014.

Below is a summary of how I got on …

1) Workout at the gym at least 3 times a week. A total of 17 visits to the gym this month. Broken down I completed 5 Spin classes, 5 Personal Training sessions, 4 Circuit Training classes and 3 individual resistance and interval training sessions. Last week I only managed the gym twice but I think the 8 mile walk on Saturday should count! What’s really helped with this goal is adding my gym visits into my work calendar as personal appointments. I’ve been able to structure my day better knowing that I am committed to getting some exercise in and I am really enjoying the gym again. Win, win, win, result!

2) Cook 4 new recipes and share them on Fit Foot. I have eaten very mindfully this month but not in an adventurous way. I did cook two new soup recipes but that’s it. My intake has generally been lean protein, lots of veg, brown rice etc …

3) Book flights to Spain for a family holiday in June. Done. My parents own a timeshare week in Calahonda, near Marbella. It’s always such a relaxing week and with 7 of us going this year it’s sure to be fun!

4) Have a weekend by the sea in Hove. Yes! Last weekend me and Michael spent a lovely weekend by the sea in one of our favourite places. It’s a dream to live there and figures in our plans and our hearts.

Stormy Brighton

5) Start meal planning and grocery shopping online. This has been a revelation, what the heck took me so long? Sunday evening is meal planning time. I plan out meal options for the week, checking the cupboards and freezer as I go. Then it’s onto the internet. We are currently using Sainsbury’s home delivery as they sent me 6 x £8 off vouchers. I check the deals, I look at my staples list and shop away from the comfort of my armchair. I like the fact that you have up until approx 12 hours before delivery to add to your list. The drivers have always been on time, helpful and courteous and it takes a whopping ten minutes to check of the delivery and put it away … Fab! I am 100% sure we are saving money. I can’t do an exact comparison as I never have a typical month but simply not picking up things we don’t need is a bonus to both wallet and the waistline.

6) Have my car serviced. Done, passed with flying colours and no cost as it’s still under the service plan, hooray!


7) Try a new class at the gym (not just overload on Spin!) See goal 1. I didn’t think I would be able to keep up in a Circuit Training class. Turns out I can and I’m loving it!

8) Weigh out cereal, rice and pasta into portions. Well I haven’t had any pasta at home in January. I have had rice and the occasional bowl of muesli and as you can see I am weighing and portioning.

40g Muesli

9) Paint the walls and ceiling in the spare bedroom. We are well on the way. There has been a fair bit of prep work to be done first, new skirting boards, filling gaps, rubbing down, etc … The first coat of paint is going on today.

10) Get a new passport and a new visa for Kazakhstan. Passport is sorted and doesn’t run out until 2024! Eek, I’ll be 53 by then! Yesterday I went to the new Embassy of Kazakhstan in Pall Mall, London. Much better than the old one in Knightsbridge where you couldn’t swing a cat and had to queue outside on the steps. My Visa is currently being processed and I pick it up next Friday. First trip out to Kazakhstan for 2014 is likely to be last week in February, first week in March. This will be just in time to enjoy the extremes of the Kazakh winter. On Thursday it was minus 30 (minus 47) with windchill, oh goody.

11) Save £25 each month towards Spain spending money and car hire. Haven’t sorted this yet. A phone call is all that’s required. However I have been money savvy in other area. I changed my Broadband deal saving £6 a month and got rid of Sky Sports, saving £30 a month.

I kept January simple and achieved most of what I set out to do. This month will be a little trickier with travel at the end, but again, REALISTIC is the key.

“Here’s to always moving forwards”.

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