Tuesday Eats #5, 2014 …

I’m still focused and training consistently but I’m simply not seeing this reflected on the scales. I have lost a handful of lbs since the beginning of January which is demoralising. I need to stay positive and focused on the drop in body fat and the fact that I am feeling noticeably stronger when I workout.

This coming week I’m going to make some minor dietary adjustments to see if they make a difference.

In the meantime and in the tradition of being open and honest, here’s everything I ate yesterday ..

I started work early (albeit in my pyjamas) at 7.30am. Around 8.30am I had breakfast which consisted of Readybrek made with Skimmed Milk. I drizzled some Agave Nectar over the top for little sweetness.


I was really hungry yesterday so mid morning had two hard boiled eggs …

Boiled Eggs

… followed not long afterwards by ten almonds.


Lunch was a small wholemeal sandwich with Tuna & Salad and an apple.

Tuna Sandwich

An hour before Circuit Training I grabbed a Nature Valley Cereal Bar.

Chocolate Cereal Bar

Post gym dinner was a really delicious grilled Jerk Chicken Salad.

Jerk Chicken Salad

I had one square of Strawberry Dark Chocolate later in the evening.


As usual I drank 2 Litres of water and 3 Jasmine Green Teas throughout the day.

Not bad going at all.

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