February Fitness – Week 1

I am enjoying my workouts.
I am enjoying Circuit Training a lot!
Things got a little Spin heavy this week.
I am worried about heading back overseas in a couple of weeks time and the disruption to my routine that it will inevitably cause.

In the meantime here’s how I did on the exercise front at the end of January, beginning of February.


Wednesday 29th January – Lunchtime Spin session

Thursday 30th January – Lauren the PT was ill so I fended for myself in the gym and completed a fairly hard 45 minutes of resistance work (TRX, Kettle Bells, Planks etc..) followed by 15 minutes of intervals on the treadmill.

Saturday 1st February – Morning Spin Class (over 400 kcal burned, nice!)

Sunday 2nd February – I was shattered so I cancelled my planned Circuit Training in the morning and instead headed for a late afternoon Spin Class instead. I’m pleased I did something.

Monday 3rd February – Circuit Training. The first circuit we worked individually. It included lots of press up combinations (plank to press up, press up to tricep press up, mountain climbers to press up … Ouch!) as well as the usual suspects, shuttle runs, squats, step ups etc.. The second rotation was completed in pairs. I paired up with my super fit Brother and had a right laugh while still training hard. I am loving this class!

So there we have it, five workouts in total. Next week things won’t look so great, the Tube Strike in London has meant the other half needs the car and I’ve been stuck at home. I anticipate 3 workouts next week … unless I decide to do a double Spin on Saturday!

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