Tuesday Eats #6, 2014 …

I have one very tired body.
I’m writing this post having just returned from Circuit Training, which on its own would be energy sapping but I squeezed in a lunchtime Spin Class as well. My workouts were a bit patchy over the last 7 days so two sessions in one day was an example of me trying make up the deficit. It feels good to know I’ve got back to the point in just over a month where that amount of activity is possible. Yay!

I’ve had a pretty good week on the food front. I cut out the Turkey Sausages (boo hiss) and reduced my bread intake by a fair bit. Time will tell if it helps me drop some lbs, here’s hoping!

In the meantime and in the tradition of being open and honest, here’s everything I ate yesterday ..

I started work early to prep for an important meeting. As soon as I logged on however, I found the meeting had been cancelled. Oh the joys of managing a 5 hour difference. Breakfast consisted of 3 turkey rashers (26kcal each), scrambled egg (2 whites + 1 yolk) and some wilted Spinach.

Turkey Rashers

I have to say the Turkey Rashers, albeit low in fat and calories, are pretty dull. I need to find another source of breakfast protein that’s a tad more exciting.

Mid morning, about an hour before Spin I enjoyed 10 almonds and an orange.

Orange & Almonds

As soon as I got home I mixed up, and downed a chocolate protein shake.

Protein Shake

About an hour later I had a wholemeal roll with chicken breast and salad, a mini Babybel cheese and an apple.


Just before heading out to Circuit Training I grabbed a cereal bar …

Chocolate Cereal Bar

Once back from the Gym I headed straight to the kitchen and threw together a Niçoise salad using up left overs, ‘waste not want not’ as the saying goes.

Niçoise Salad

I also drank a ridiculous amount of water and three Jasmine Green Teas throughout the day.

Pretty good day I think, so please fat stores, do one!

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