Tuesday Eats #7, 2014 …

Welcome to the last ‘Tuesday Eats’ before I head overseas for a few weeks and am blocked from Blogging!

Another good week on the workout and food front with the exception of baking some rather good Flapjacks on Valentines Day. They were meant to be for Michael but I confess several found their way down my neck!

I’m still trying to keep the bread intake down. I’ll find out later if this approach is continuing to pay dividends.

In the meantime and in the tradition of being open and honest, here’s everything I ate yesterday ..

This week for Breakfast I will mostly be eating Peppered Mackeral Fillets, thanks to my Brother and Sister in Law picking me up a big bag of them in Costco. So hey, guess what? Yesterday breakfast was a Peppered Mackeral Fillet, Scrambled Egg and Wilted Spinach!


Mid morning I ate the last Cereal Bar in the cupboard.

Chocolate Cereal Bar

The power of a protein packed breakfast was evident by my very light lunch. This consisted of a Mini Babybel Cheese, Celery and Carrot Sticks and Moroccan Houmous.

Light Lunch

I was still full before heading out to Circuit Training so I didn’t bother with an afternoon snack.

Once back from the Gym I made myself Oven Baked Cod with a Lemon Breadcrumb topping, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and a small (doesn’t look small in the photo!) Sweet Baked Potato.


I ended the day with 2 squares of Dark Lindt Chocolate with Coconut, earned through good old fashioned hard work in the gym!

Dark Chocolate

I also drank 3 Litres of water and three Jasmine Green Teas throughout the day.

One more week of controlled, mindful eating then back to the less controllable scenario in Kazakhstan.

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