February Fitness – Week 3

Effort in, results out continues to be the order of the day. I’m down another 2lb this week and feeling stronger all the time. More importantly I’ve fallen back in love with exercise. Where my workout mojo was absent for the entire 12 months of 2014, we’ve been reunited and it’s a beautiful thing to behold!

Here’s how I did on the exercise front last week …

Tuesday 11th February – PT session with Lauren involving Boxing drills.

Wednesday 12th – Friday 14th were gym free zones. As with last week this was mostly due to work commitments and the other half commandeering the car.

Saturday 15th February – Morning Spin Class. This was intended to be Double Spin, see the link for more, and that blasted bike still isn’t fixed as I went to Spin this lunchtime and watched a guy get off the same bike 5 minutes into class and move to a spare. After the nightmare Spin Class I completed 30 minutes speed intervals on the treadmill.

Treadmill Intervals

Sunday 16th February – Morning Cardio Conditioning Class with a stand in teacher. Oh my, this session nearly killed me. The guy that led the session has some learning to do (I found out later it was his first class). Although very pleasant and supportive, he had one setting and that was turbo. Instead of the usual small breaks for water and making up with your lungs he just kept going and going. About 3-4 times during circuit one he pulled us in a circle to do knee lifts, mountain climbers and press ups. He also called us out to spar with him in the centre. Holy moly. I was really pleased I kept going and pushed myself but Rich, mate, seriously remember not everyone is as fit as you.

Monday 17th February – Evening Circuit Training. This class us so much fun, seriously we all laugh a lot and the group is made up week on week of the same people. Nice relaxed, non judgemental atmosphere. All ages and shapes and sizes. It’s great having my Brother in this one as well.

Another consistent and positive week, yay!

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