Saturday Fashion Fiesta – Scarves, Sweatshirts & Socks

I love me a scarf, I’m a compulsive sweatshirt buyer and socks are a seasonal necessity in Blighty. So there we have three good reasons for this weeks Saturday Fashion Fiesta! First up is this lovely check and stripe Tamar scarf from Plumo. I’m sure my Dad would wonder why I was wearing a table […]

Sunday Fashion Fiesta … Autumn’s Here!

This morning I thought “I know I’ll do a Saturday Fashion Fiesta”. Then I realised it was Sunday … Oh well, lets do it anyway. With the changing temperatures and shift into Autumn the shops are full of clothes that I’m coveting. I am in my element as Khaki Green is one of my favourite […]

Saturday Fashion Fiesta – A Bit of Ebony & Ivory ….

Monochrome is a trend that is all over the fashion magazines at the moment. Its one of the looks I love as I’m not a pastel girl at all and as I get older I prefer a more tailored pared down look. Wikipedia describes monochrome as …. …. paintings, drawings, design, or photographs in one […]

Saturday Fashion Fiesta – Join a Tribe ….

Spring is meant to be on it’s way and there are snowdrops and primroses in my garden. So despite the snow flurries outside my window today’s Fashion Fiesta brings you colour, lots of it in the form of the Tribal trend. Here are a few of the items I’ve been lusting after, like or may […]

Saturday Fashion Fiesta – Working Wardrobe ….

It’s looking fairly likely that in the next few weeks I’ll once again be working for a living … groan! So I thought a little look at the working wardrobe might be a good idea for todays ‘fashion fiesta’. I have a few favourite stores for my working wardrobe staples; Cos, Whistles, Topshop and increasingly […]

Saturday Fashion Fix …. It’s all about the Shoes

For the past year pain in my foot has limited what I’ve been able to comfortably wear on my feet. Towards the end of the year even so called ‘comfy’ options like Converse or Ballet Slippers hurt and left me limping at the end of the day. It’s going to be some time yet until […]

Saturday Fashion Fix …. It’s all about the Dresses

I know, it’s currently -1 degrees outside and the heating is on full blast but for some reason I can’t stop thinking about summer dresses this week. I think it’s because the designers are releasing their Resort collections and snippets of SS 13 are all over the web. In addition the television adverts are awash […]