The Day the President & Prime Minister Came to Tea …

On my last trip to Atyrau it become apparent that someone important was paying us a visit when the street furniture started being painted and pots of flowers appeared everywhere. It turned out to be the impending visit of President Nazarbayev and my very own Prime Minister, David Cameron. Things got much more comical when […]

Airbrushing History ….

On my last trip to Atyrau I spent a few hours wandering around Victory Park. It’s a fascinating peek into the Kazakh psyche as although its clearly a left over from the Soviet era the powers that be are slowly removing traces of their former masters from the history books. Victory Park is a place […]

Around the World in 80 Days ….

Well hello everyone or rather howdy, for reasons that will become clear in just a moment … It seems ages ago that I last wrote a post. It’s nice to be back. To say things are crazy at the moment may be understating things just a little. Below is my itinery from 22nd April to […]

Out & About in Atyrau #2

First off as someone who writes a lifestyle / health blog I can’t post today and not mention the shocking scenes from the Boston Marathon. In what way (other than a large gathering of people) could a marathon, something that brings people of all nations, colours, sexes, religion and orientation together be deemed a legitimate […]

Out & About in Atyrau ….

My new contract sees me coming and going from the city of Atyrau. Atyrau is an oil rich region situated on the Western side of Kazakhstan and on the shores of the Caspian Sea. It’s also a transcontinental city with one side being in Europe and the other in Asia. You can walk between the […]