REALISTIC Goals – February 2014

As I mentioned in last months goals the only way I am going to get to where I want to get to in 2014 is by keeping things challenging but with an emphasis on REALISTIC. I did a good job in January but things are about to get a whole lot more challenging as I […]

REALISTIC Goals, January 2014 … How Did I Do?

On January 2nd I posted my goals for the month. I spent some time reflecting on the struggles I experienced in 2013 with getting the balance right and realised REALISTIC should feature heavily in 2014. Below is a summary of how I got on … 1) Workout at the gym at least 3 times a […]

REALISTIC Goals – January 2014

My word for 2014 is FUTURE but I think there also needs to be an emphasis on REALISTIC. If there’s one thing 2013 taught me, it’s that unfortunately I’m not Superwoman … I know what a disappointment! I need to do what I can do and not set myself up for failure. After all I […]

Onwards and Upwards # 2 ….

Hello February! Yes, it’s already time again for a little look over my shoulder before hobbling & tentatively walking into this months goals. January was been a good month for me. I’ve taken great strides (excuse the pun) forward on the foot recovery front. I’m now in week two of the return to weight-bearing effort. […]

Onwards and Upwards ….

Yes, it’s time again for a little look over my shoulder before striding hobbling on into January’s goals. On reflection I now realise I was being a tad ambitious with Decembers goals considering I had surgery on November 29th. The first week following the operation passed in a drug controlled haze, if I’d set myself […]