Perfecting a Juice ….

The thing I’m learning about juicing is that anything goes. I mean yes, there are zillions of recipes out there but it’s quite difficult to make a bad juice. Often just chucking in what you have in the fridge works wonders. Since I started juicing I’ve only had one juice that wasn’t quite right. I […]

Quaint English Traditions – Shrove Tuesday

Hooray! Today is Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day here in the UK. Shrove Tuesday falls on the day before Lent begins, marking the long build up to Easter.’Shrove’ means being forgiven for wrong-doings which is great as today I intend to eat lots of pancakes. In ‘Ye Olde’ days this was a day for feasting […]

Juicy ….

I’ve been thinking about buying a juicer for some time especially after reading about the health benefits and seeing fellow bloggers such as Ashley @ Coffee, Cake and Cardio rave about theirs. Firstly though I wanted to make sure of a few things; a) I did my research into the best juicers on the market […]

Herb Crusted Haddock (or Salmon, or Cod!!) ….

I’ve made this recipe a couple of times recently and it’s always gone down really well with those I’ve cooked it for. Ingredients (Serves 4):- 1 tbsp olive oil (plus a little extra for drizzling) 4 skinless unsmoked haddock fillets (I’ve also made this with salmon and it was lovely) 2 handfulls of cherry tomatoes […]