Spiced Indian Potatoes with Pan Fried Cod …

On the hunt for low fat recipes I stumbled across this one in a Slimming World Curry Cookbook. If you want a healthy meal that packs a spicy warming punch, this is the one for you. Ingredients 1lb 12oz of new potatoes 1 onion 4oz green beans Sachet of Bombay Potato spice 400g tin of […]

Curried Quinoa Salad ….

Last week was a bit wobbly on the eating front for me. All it took was a little bit of stress around this new work opportunity and my good eating choices starting falling like dominoes … one after another, after another. But it’s a new week and I decided its time to get a grip. […]

Curried Potato Pasties ….

These pasties form the 2nd of the four new recipes I’m planning to make as part of my February goals. Due to the Puff Pastry they can’t really be deemed a healthy food but serve them with a lovely green salad and you’re part way there! Ingredients:- 300g potatoes, peeled and cut into small chunks […]

Lentil Dhal ….

This recipe is number 1 of the 4 new dishes I aim to cook as part of my February Goals. Ingredients 2 onions, chopped 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1cm piece of fresh ginger, grated 1 tbsp of cumin seeds (I didn’t have any so used ground cumin instead) 1 tbsp of black mustard seeds […]