Tuesday Eats #6, 2014 …

I have one very tired body. I’m writing this post having just returned from Circuit Training, which on its own would be energy sapping but I squeezed in a lunchtime Spin Class as well. My workouts were a bit patchy over the last 7 days so two sessions in one day was an example of […]

Tuesday Eats #5, 2014 …

I’m still focused and training consistently but I’m simply not seeing this reflected on the scales. I have lost a handful of lbs since the beginning of January which is demoralising. I need to stay positive and focused on the drop in body fat and the fact that I am feeling noticeably stronger when I […]

Curried Quinoa Salad ….

Last week was a bit wobbly on the eating front for me. All it took was a little bit of stress around this new work opportunity and my good eating choices starting falling like dominoes … one after another, after another. But it’s a new week and I decided its time to get a grip. […]

The Mindful Macaroon v The Manic Mojitos ….

I’ve spent the last few days visiting my old neighbour and friend , Sharon in Brighton. Sharon is now the happy owner of a beautiful Regency flat which is quite literally a stones throw from the seafront, jealous me? Nooooooo ­čśë I had such a lovely time however things didn’t go quite as I’d planned […]