Tuesday Eats #2

I’m in week 2 of my pre Christmas back to basics campaign. I’m concentrating planning ahead (instead of making on the spot, random food decisions), I’m trying to get plenty of sleep and also, importantly increasing my workouts. All this while travelling with work every week and heading overseas for a project roll out in […]

In Search of Balance …

Work-Life balance … what the hell is that? I’m so confused at the moment that I Wiki’d the answer. They describe Work-Life balance as a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation). Oh right! That’s why I couldn’t remember what it was, because I […]

Back from the Steppes ….

Apologies for being so quiet of late but it appears the Kazakh Government aren’t especially keen on bloggers and WordPress in particular. There I sat in my hotel room ready to beguile you with stories of grumpy ex Soviet customs officials when, well, nothing. Having googled ‘Kazakhstan WordPress’ it appears there is still a sprinkling […]

Friend Makin’ Mondays – Five Things ….

Another Monday and the first one in February, where is the time disappearing to? Following a chilled weekend I managed to be more productive today and tick (well half tick!) another February goal off my list. I attended a health check appointment at my Doctors Surgery. It will be interesting to see what the Doctor […]