February Fitness – Week 3

Effort in, results out continues to be the order of the day. I’m down another 2lb this week and feeling stronger all the time. More importantly I’ve fallen back in love with exercise. Where my workout mojo was absent for the entire 12 months of 2014, we’ve been reunited and it’s a beautiful thing to […]

The Day I Tried to do Double Spin …

Today started off with me frantically running round the house trying to locate my Luluemon headband. It was a fruitless exercise as I have no blinkin clue where it’s got to. This disorganised run up and down the stairs saw me leave the house late and get outside the Spin studio just as the previous […]

February Fitness – Week 2

At last the effort I’m putting in is starting to make a difference. Last week I lost 5lbs, yes people, 5lbs & I worked for every last ounce! On the food front it was more protein and smidgin less carb. On the exercise front, whilst I didn’t get to the gym as much as I […]

February Fitness – Week 1

I am enjoying my workouts. I am enjoying Circuit Training a lot! Things got a little Spin heavy this week. I am worried about heading back overseas in a couple of weeks time and the disruption to my routine that it will inevitably cause. In the meantime here’s how I did on the exercise front […]

January Fitness – Week 1

As New Years Day fell on a Wednesday I’m tracking my weeks from Wednesdays to Tuesdays! Here’s how I did on the exercise front for the first 7 days of 2014 despite going back to work on 6th. Thursday 2nd January – Morning Spin Class Saturday 4th January – Afternoon Gym Session consisting of strength […]

Travel Triumph …

For the first time in quite a while I’ve managed to eat clean while working away from home. This week I’ve had two overnight stays in a hotel. So what made the difference this time? Firstly I travelled down to the hotel quite late on the first night and made sure I had dinner before […]

You shall go to the ball Fit Foot …

On Saturday I headed off to The Sweatshop to see if my gait and foot placement had changed since last years surgery. I also wanted to know if my old trainers were still suitable or if a shiny new pair were required. I chose The Sweatshop as their staff are all skilled in three levels […]